FACT - Wirtschaftsprüfung, Steuerberatung & Rechtsberatung aus Kassel

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FACT - Wirtschaftsprüfung, Steuerberatung & Rechtsberatung aus Kassel
FACT - Wirtschaftsprüfung, Steuerberatung & Rechtsberatung aus Kassel
FACT - Wirtschaftsprüfung, Steuerberatung & Rechtsberatung aus Kassel
FACT - Wirtschaftsprüfung, Steuerberatung & Rechtsberatung aus Kassel
FACT - Wirtschaftsprüfung, Steuerberatung & Rechtsberatung aus Kassel

Tax Consultancy

We provide comprehensive advice in all tax related matters to support you in achieving your goals.

To this end, we utilize all existing opportunities, both national and international, to develop the best solutions for your situation. Tax planning is vital when doing business in Germany due to the constant changes in tax regulations. We offer extensive tax planning and encourage the ideology that it must be commercially viable and balanced to yield tax efficiencies. Our experts ensure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulations and optimize your business to be tax efficient.

We consider tax consulting as a matter of trust that is based on long-term cooperation. This ensures that tax issues can be seen in their overall context, discovered early and approached with proper planning. Our clients have the opportunity to experience our taxation services, including the development of tax-optimisation structures.

Nowadays, operating on a global scale has become a matter of fact for many of our clients. Our international alliance GGI is designed to access highly competent tax expertise from many countries around the world as selectively, promptly and reliably as needed.

With many years of experience we advise our clients in international tax law. We have vast knowledge of transfer pricing policies in line with both corporate international strategy and German tax regulations.

Our range of services in the area of tax consulting covers:

Falling nominal tax rates and sometimes weak economic backgrounds put new pressure on multinationals to deal with tax audits around the world and to optimise their tax planning.

That implies great opportunities for our clients in terms of: 

  • How to structure the business:
    • Change of legal form 
    • Company succession
    • Hereditary regulations
    • Optimisation of tax burden

  • Company reorganisation
    Economic developments, changes in the tax framework or liability issues can require changes of the legal form or the reorganisation of a company.

    For this reason, we perform an analysis and advise in:
    • Conversions such as spin off, change of legal form, mergers and acquisition, transfer of assets, also in international contexts
    • Relocation to another country

  • Value added tax
    • In a national and international context, for cross-border deliveries, supply chains and services
    • Advising you about and optimising your (international) VAT position
    • Analyses of VAT and import duties
    • Drawing up, submitting and finalising your VAT returns
    • VAT registration and validating VAT numbers

  • International Tax Law
    • Analysis and structuring of transfer pricing policies 
    • Preparation of transfer price documentations
    • Cross-border tax advice and tax planning
    • Advising expatriates: expatriate income tax incl. filing of the tax return

  • Advice on Mergers and Aquisitions
    • Due diligence related to mergers, licences, asset acquisitions, corporate reorganisations, acquisitions of real property
    • Tax optimisation in an international environment

  • Representation at fiscal authorities and fiscal courts

  • Proceedings / appeals, preparation of expert opinions

  • Support and representation in criminal tax proceedings

  • Participation in and supervision of tax audits

  • Tax declaration
    • Prompt completion and filing of your tax returns


Bookkeeping plays a prominent role in the financial reporting of a company, thus we offer:

  • Core bookkeeping
  • Performing of your VAT records
  • Preparing your annual accounts
  • Performing of payment transactions
  • Preparing your management accounts
  • Cloud based accounting with data archive


  • Preparation of payslips, customised to your business
  • Management of the administration of statutory social security requirements and wage tax returns
  • Processing the more complex salary administrations for expats
  • Processing and fulfilling the standard and senior executive (confidential) payslips
  • Preparing regularly occurring summaries of salary administration and cost analyses
  • Drawing up specific salary calculations
  • Online digital archive to manage your personnel and salary administration
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